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Rock The Night
 For ImaPurdyKitty
1.Hittin the streets feelin the warm breeze
runnin through my hair the stage underneath
Oh, holdin my bass got nothin to prove
gettin ready for hell to break loose
hearin the ladies scream and shout
This is what bein a rocker is all about
Lovin the fans, playin for you
Givin it up got nothin to lose
I'll Rock the world
I'll rock tonight
take you all away from your plight
Listen hard listen well
I'll Rock the night
Baby get ready for hell!
2. Got my brothers and my music
What else could I want
A girl on my arm
I'm not askin alot
My life is empty but its always full
with them I'll know I'll always
 Rock the world
I'll rock tonight
take you all away from your plight
Listen hard listen well
I'll Rock the night
Baby get ready for hell!
[Ash spoken]
Rock the world
:iconshadowsgirl102:shadowsgirl102 1 38
Loki's story
8. Iron Mans daughter
I stare at them, feeling my heart pound against my chest. What can I do? I couldn't just well tell Thor.
"H-hey.." I stammer, Loki looking at me as if I were insane for speaking to him.
"Hello.." Thor says, putting his hammer on the my kitchen table as he did I watch it fall.. My eyes narrow then he looks at me and tries to smile.
"I can fix that."
I groan then grab my suitcase, Thor giving me a confused look.
"Where are you going?" He asks walking up to me, his smile seeming to be a little worried.
"Oh, Im going with Tony to Stark Industries in California." I say smiling, Loki then look at me, his green eyes wide. Did I say something wrong?

"Are you and one?"
What. the. hell Did he mean by as on- OH MY...
"NO!..Thats my father!" I shouted almost unable to believe he thought that Tony wasn't my husband, he was my dad. EW! I shook my head and crossed my arms getting a text from tony
Hurry it up we gotta go soon.
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Looking For Angels
2. An angel in the strangest place
As the Black Veil Brides lie in wait for Kaydence to waken,
Ashley had the bullet taken out by Jinxx.
Andy stared at the floor his fist to his head.
CC leaned on the wall his arms crossed over his chest and
Jake sat on the counter beside Ashely "That guy really pissed me off."
Ashley chortled and then sighed being bandaged up.
"You have no idea Andy."
Ashley said as he sat down watching Kaydence as she lay quietly in his bunk.
Andy then looked at his friend then ran a hand through his hair,
he sighed then looked over at her.
"That guy wouldn't have had a face after I got done with him." Ash laughed wickedly.
"Yeah, then you'd probably go to jail then what?" Andy chuckled as Jake then crossed his arms as he got up.
"Why would someone like her go after someone like that?" Jake asked then smiling over at Jinxx.
"Why do good girls Like bad guys?"
Ashley asked as he looked at his arm.
He needed medical attention but for now that had to do.
Andy shrugged ag
:iconshadowsgirl102:shadowsgirl102 2 0
Looking for angels
1.  A deviant's promise
"Hey Ash." Cc called, Ashley Purdy a good looking man in his twenties looked over at his friend Christian Coma but everyone reffered to him as CC. "Yeah?" He asked leaning on the counter with a normal smile.
"Excited about tonight?" He asked playfully knowing that as usual Ash would pick up some girl.  Ashley laughed a little then nodded somewhat "Yeah what about you?" he asked, his brown eyes glued to the floor.
"Hell yeah! Hanging with the guys." CC said with a smile, Ash sipped the monster he held in his hand then pulled out his Iphone. No new messages....again!
"I'll be right back okay?" CC said as he walked off the Tour bus. He was probably going to join Andy and Jake in a random conversation. Ashley shrugged then decided to get off, he slipped his phone in his pocket then looked over at Andy then at Jake.
"Hey Ash! Get over here." Andy shouted. Ash turned his head then looked at his best friend whom he considered his brother well actual
:iconshadowsgirl102:shadowsgirl102 1 16
BOTDF by shadowsgirl102 BOTDF :iconshadowsgirl102:shadowsgirl102 0 0
Loki's Story
7. Sidetracked
"Yes, I can trust Thor." I say, pulling my arm away. Loki sighs and stands in front of me
"Are you sure? He does tend to hide things to protect people when really all that's doing is hurting them because it's hiding the truth."
I sigh and walk away, rollling my eyes. My heart starting to pound as I hear my father's ringtone 'Yes! Your escape route. Go for it Victoria!'
"Hello?" I chirp as I answer, hearing my father on the other line.
"Where are you?" He asks me as I begin to walk, Loki of course following me.
"I'm at central pa-"
I turn my head to see my father smiling at me, his dark curly hair was as usual great and his hazel eyes seemed to laugh at me but in the good way.
"How's my little girl doing?"
"I'm doing good, just hangin with-" but when I look over I see Loki is gone. I look around seeing no sign of him, did he just leave or was he scared of being caught?
"Hangin with?" he asks raising an eyebrow.
"Uh..Lauren." I fib as quickly as I could, and
:iconshadowsgirl102:shadowsgirl102 1 4
Loki's Story
6. Secrets
"Victoria." I say, as I sit down beside her. I didn't know what else to do honestly while she sat there. Her words hitting me like knives.
"Like you'd even care."
She stares into my eyes and then looks away, her eyes were filling with tears. I bite my lip and smile trying my charm.
"How do you know I don't care?" I say
She sighs and crosses her arms standing up,sniffling but showing no proof she was upset.
"I-I didn't mean that." she says, her eyes focused on the ground. I stand up and look around for a moment, moving a loose peice of hair from my face.
"I'm sorry if I insulted you Princess..It wasn't my place and I apologize."
She sighs, shrugs and shuffles her feet on the semi grassy areas.
"I'm sorry, that I overreacted."
As I walk toward her, I feel a sense of foreboding...My heart pounding rapidly against my chest. I barely turn my head when I see a frost giant charging toward Valkyrie and I. I stand in front of her, but she shoves me to safetly and fights
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Loki's Story
"T-Thor you don't understand." I stammer out.
"You're right, I don't." The other end of the conversation goes dead silent. I slam the payphone on the stand.
"Damn you Thor." I say through my teeth as I clench my fist and hit the wall near me as hard as I can. I didn't understand why my brother treated me like a miscreant. I didnt understand a lot lately. I had everything I needed to make it in life, I was handsome, humorous, strong and powerful so powerful in fact that if I wanted something I could take it with ease besides how many demi gods do you know of that live in New York,
All I need now is a place to clear my head, and onlu one places comes to my mind Stimulate Resurrection. Its the one place I can go to feel accepted. You can't go to many places in all black clothing without getting a stange look. So that's where I head to, but on the way I pass another nightclub called Smoke and Mirrors its another so called hotspot in New Yorkbut it never caught my inter
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Loki's Story
5. Meeting gone wrong
When my eyes flutter open, I quickly glance over at the drawer I had left Loki's note in. I threw my legs over the bed and opened it hastily. I grab the peice of what looks like parchment and open it without sound.
Meet me at Central Park at noon
Don't be late
I stare at the note and for a moment I feel like I'm doing something wrong, but if feels right. I look over at the clock and gape at the time.
"I slept until 11:30? Damn...."
I put the parchment on the top of the drawer and walk to my closet, picking something casual. I don't want to look like I'm meeting some demi god now do I? I whip my hair into a braid and dress myself quickly in a white tank top, purple plaid short sleeved over shirt and blue jeans with black boots. I look in the mirror and decide to apply just a bit of make up since I don
:iconshadowsgirl102:shadowsgirl102 2 7
Loki's Story
3. Saviour
"Hey."Lauren says as we walk in. I smile and nudge Thor whom is looking around, He looks at me then at Lauren and promptly shakes her hand, her eyes widen as she looks at me.
"This is THor, Thor this is my friend Lauren."
Lauren waves and stands, her curly brown hair bouncing with her as she gets up then says. "Where to Val?"
I shake my head softly, glancing at Thor.
"Maybe a Nightclub?"  she suggests, while Thor gives me an eyeful of confusion and cocks his head to the side slightly. I cover my mouth to hide my laughter and nod as she and I walk out Thor following.
"So Thor Where are you from?" Lauren asks with a sweet smile, I look at Thor thinking
'What an Odd way to start off a conversation.'
"I am from Asgard." He says and I look at her, she bites her lip then smiles
"Oh...That's cool..How long have you and Victoria been together?"
He and I pause, looking at each other then look at her
:iconshadowsgirl102:shadowsgirl102 2 3
Loki's Story
2. Promise
"Thor, I am so sorry!"
 I pull his hands down only to see his nose is a pinkish color from where the umbrella hit him. I glare at him as he innocentley smiles at me.
I groan playfully and put my hand on his shoulder while he laughs and places his hand on my arm, pulling my hand to his lips and kissing it softly.
"You honestly never change do you Thunder head?" I ask and pull my hand from his grasp wiping away the kiss like a stubborn child would when their mother kisses them.
"Valkyrie It's been a year since I've met you..It's obvious that I have not changed." he says chuckling
I roll my eyes sitting on the counter and looking at him, he sighs and stands up.
"Why are you here?"  I ask
He chuckles again and sits beside me saying with a quiet tone, not exactly a whisper but it was quiet.
"Is it so wrong to visit my friend?"
I gave him a look and he gl
:iconshadowsgirl102:shadowsgirl102 1 4
Loki's Story
1. Unexpected
 I look out the window and into the sky,staring into the rapidly approaching clouds that seem so dark and gray. There was a smell of summer rain upon New York City, and everyone seems to dislike it.Especially Lauren, well she doesnt hate rain but she doesnt dislike it, she just isnt all that fond of weather or... coffee. But Lauren is a good friend she'll come with me to the coffee shop and we will chat or just sit there enjoying the luxury of silence we have in that one spot in the shop.
My eyes flutter open, I didn't realize I had closed them. Lauren's big brown eyes staring at me as she was trying to hold back her laughter.
"I'm sorry..what?" 
"I asked you if you were up for a night on the town?"  She says as she sips her ice tea.
I bite my lip and look up at the sky again, hearing the distant sound of thunder and smiling a little.
"C'mon Vic, Please?"
I look back at her,tuck my hair behind on
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Loki's Story
"She doesn't belong in Asgard." Thor says sounding impatient. I hear Loki groan as he leans on the door, I hold my breath and press my ear closer.
"Valkyrie is willing to show father she is worthy of being with me...of being in Asgard.' He begins.
"Brother, She is not like us." Thor says as if he's trying to prove something. Loki sighs,I can hear him walk away from the door.
"And you think she and I care about that."
"Father and I car-."
"I could care less on what Father thinks! This is not your choice! This is not his choice. It's ours, Valkyrie's and Mine!"
Loki snarls after interrupting . Then there is silence between them and I breathe softly.
"She won't get anywhere." Thor tries again, his voice soft as distant thunder. I gulp inaudibly and see a light coming from the crack of the door, I slide to it and look inside. Loki is looking at the door his expression unreadable
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Untitled song
Deep in the middle of nowhere,
on top of a lone rock in a lake,
an angel has fallen.
Sleep tight bright angel,
tomorrow will be a new day
-music begins-
Wipe the tears off your face
Don't let them see
Leave no trace
go ahead stand up
They may take you down
But your better You gotta see that
You have somethin that they dont
You can do something that they Wont
So Move and take flight
When you fall Get back up
Never give in
                     YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES
                              TAKE YOUR CHANCE
:iconshadowsgirl102:shadowsgirl102 1 3
If Only are the two words that fill my mind with imagination,  That lift my thoughts into freedom. That send me into Wondering awe and have no limit..The words repeat in my mind like a song stuck on replay.
If Only I were famous
If Only I were away from the world I knew that picked on me for what I do, What I listen to or what I say.
If only I were famous,
What would I do with it?
If B.O.T.D.F could Help me escape from this life as a normal Teen..and turn me into a new human being... I wonder what it would be like? Would it be fun? Stressfull, Crazy, entertaining? Funny?
IF Only
My fantasies are as real as day, the possibilities of them happening not to large but I can still dream...
So read along if you wish to follow me in this Fantasy.. If not leave the page right now and dont read this...
If you wish to follow in this, Read on Because this is just the start.
:iconshadowsgirl102:shadowsgirl102 0 0
IF ONLY by shadowsgirl102 IF ONLY :iconshadowsgirl102:shadowsgirl102 1 0


Raised By The Wolves Chapter 1pt.1
Chapter One Part One
Story Request for ~SerenityBlud
Maria's POV
The warm may evening air loomed around me as I walked through the venue to the concert area. West Wind my wolf walked close to me. I smiled and pet her softly. She licked my fingers and I giggled to myself quietly. I walked closer to the venue and I saw a guy, playing with his cell phone. He was really cute. He had long black hair that came down passed his shoulders. His brown eyes were lined heavily with dark black eyeliner. I backed away slowly; afraid that he would see me so I hid in the bushes. 'What is this strange feeling that I feel?' I asked myself. I wanted to get closer. I walked out from behind the bushes. I could feel West Wind tug on my dress with her mouth. It was her way of telling me that she wanted us to leave, but I had never been this close to another human before and I found him fascinating.
I walked closer to him. He didn't notice me. He was too involved in his phone. A car came s
:icona7xfan666:A7XFan666 7 122
Jim Hawkins Motivational 10 by 23jk Jim Hawkins Motivational 10 :icon23jk:23jk 315 151 Jim Hawkins Motivational 9 by 23jk Jim Hawkins Motivational 9 :icon23jk:23jk 440 73 Jim Hawkins Motivational 7 by 23jk Jim Hawkins Motivational 7 :icon23jk:23jk 414 60 Jim Hawkins Motivational by 23jk Jim Hawkins Motivational :icon23jk:23jk 383 68 Jim Hawkins Motivational 11 by 23jk Jim Hawkins Motivational 11 :icon23jk:23jk 399 81 Jim Hawkins Motivational 2 by 23jk Jim Hawkins Motivational 2 :icon23jk:23jk 581 133 Jim Hawkins by ToriaDoria Jim Hawkins :icontoriadoria:ToriaDoria 124 5 Jim Hawkins Motivational 4 by 23jk Jim Hawkins Motivational 4 :icon23jk:23jk 415 72 Jim Hawkins Motivational... by CaelumDea Jim Hawkins Motivational... :iconcaelumdea:CaelumDea 555 70 Wallpaper Cato by LeMeNe Wallpaper Cato :iconlemene:LeMeNe 143 27 Cato by jaefosho Cato :iconjaefosho:jaefosho 124 22 Cato by xskiesrbluex Cato :iconxskiesrbluex:xskiesrbluex 309 59 Districts of the Hunger Games. by Pemmz Districts of the Hunger Games. :iconpemmz:Pemmz 1,634 242 Peeta Mellark by thecrazythingsofRomy Peeta Mellark :iconthecrazythingsofromy:thecrazythingsofRomy 71 11

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