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Ashley Purdy Live by GD0578
 1.  A deviant's promise
"Hey Ash." Cc called, Ashley Purdy a good looking man in his twenties looked over at his friend Christian Coma but everyone reffered to him as CC. "Yeah?" He asked leaning on the counter with a normal smile.
"Excited about tonight?" He asked playfully knowing that as usual Ash would pick up some girl.  Ashley laughed a little then nodded somewhat "Yeah what about you?" he asked, his brown eyes glued to the floor.
"Hell yeah! Hanging with the guys." CC said with a smile, Ash sipped the monster he held in his hand then pulled out his Iphone. No new messages....again!
"I'll be right back okay?" CC said as he walked off the Tour bus. He was probably going to join Andy and Jake in a random conversation. Ashley shrugged then decided to get off, he slipped his phone in his pocket then looked over at Andy then at Jake.
"Hey Ash! Get over here." Andy shouted. Ash turned his head then looked at his best friend whom he considered his brother well actually he considered everyone in the band his brothers. They were like a family that always had some sort of fun. Ashley walked over to them and smiled.
"You seem quiet Ash whats up?" Andy asked as he leaned on the bus in the shade, It was 91 degrees outside but with all the humidity it felt so much hotter to them.
"No reason." Ash said truthfully He didnt know why he was being so quiet. He just was. CC raised his eyebrow and then gave Ashley a look.

"What I'm telling you guys the truth I'm dont know why Im like that." He said
"Maybe your homesick man." Jake said with a flick of his head his hair moved somewhat but only a little.  Ashley then realized that might have been it. He missed Missouri it had been a while since he had been back there because all the touring and all. He missed a lot about home so therefore it was settled Ashley Purdy was Homesick.
"Yeah." Ash sighed sipping the monster.  Andy looked down at Ashley then tilted his head a little then with a small smirk he said.
"Well How about we go there.."
Ashley stared at Andy for a moment then smiled "Like all of us?" He asked
"Yeah why not?" He said.
"Tonights our last show for the tour." Jake added making Ashley feel better well just a bit.
"You can go looking for angels." CC noted
"Yeah thats true, there are a lot of those in Missouri." Ash said nodding
"Well what are we waiting for guys our next song to go out lets go to Missouri!" Andy shouted with a smile and nudged Ash. Ashley standing and fist bumping Andy. "Thanks Man." Ash said
"I always look out for you Ash." He said
"Yeah I know."
They all got back in the tour bus and relaxed, the chauffer drove them around until they reached the concert. It was Showtime!
Ash walked out back after the concert, the guys were still up front signing and doing pictures and stuff.. Ashley felt his heart pound as he walked a little bit faster to the bus. He felt the calm serene moment of the night almost able to breathe in the sweet air of home. He leaned on the tour bus and looked up at the moon almost feeling better.
"You enjoying your time?" Jinxx asked startling Ashley.
"Huh? Oh yeah.." He said
"Just excited?" Jinxx asked again. Ash nodded suddenly seeing a young woman in the ally she was running and she seemed to be scared of something or someone for that matter. Jinxx looked at the girl and stopped her she breathed rapidly her voice sounding hoarse.
"They're after me!" she said looking at Jinxx, He stared at her confused but before he could ask her who she collapsed in his arms. Ashley looked at Jinxx his eyes wide suddenly hearing a couple of voices.
"Where did that Bitch go?!" One voice asked and looked in the ally spotting Ashley and Jinxx. The voice belonged to Dakoda Raymond a nasty ring leader. Jinxx then turned his head to see the other guys coming up, CC and Jake running up to them happier than anything Jinxx slid the girl into Ash's arms and looked at them knowing that that ring lead was after the girl Jinxx motioned Ashley to put the girl inside the tour bus quickly. His heart pounded as he and the guys stood there as Ashley placed the girl inside and came back out just in time to hear Dakoda ask
"Hey have you seen my girlfriend Kaydence ?"
Jinxx and Ashley looked at each other then shook there heads. Andy looked at Ash for a moment then mouthed "What's going on?"
"Tell you later Hold on." Ash mouthed back nervously. Dakoda looked at Jinxx and sighed "Look Kay means a lot to me-"
"That why you called her a bitch?" Ashley butted in and tilted his head crossing his arms over his chest.
Dakoda looked at Ashley as if he was inferior. "What do you mea-?"
"We saw her running in the ally way, she was scared to death. She runnin' from you? " Jinxx asked. Dakoda watched as Andy stood beside his two friends, he looked calm but his eyes told him to be warned.
"Was she?" Andy asked, his voice deep and rough.
"Why do you care?" Dakoda asked runing his hand over his buzzcut.
"Well, We might need to know what she ever did to you to make you so pissed." Jake said as he stood by Jinxx.

"She walked out on us!" Dakoda snarled
Ashley's brown eyes narrowed, his voice dropping to a rough dangerous tone.
"that it?" He asked. Is that all this guy had to say? She walked out on us
"So she walked out on your little gang?" Andy asked seeming a little confused
Dakoda looked at Andy almost scared he looked at Jinxx
"She was tired of being apart of it So we got into a fight." Dakoda said
Ashley felt his heart hammer against his chest, Did this guy hit Kaydence in the fight.
"She tried to leave and you don't leave Dakoda's gang unless your dead...She's trouble and thats all she's gone be." Dakoda said.
"Wait wait." Andy said stepping up to him.
"Was this fight Physical?" he asked his voice so low it was like he never said a thing
"Yeah...a little bit of punching kicking screaming." Dakoda said causually as if he didnt care.
"Did she hit you? Did she try and kill you?" Andy asked his voice rising.
"Then why the hell do you want to kill her?"
Dakoda felt as if he had shrunk to Andy...
"B-because.." He whispered
"Because WHY?!" Andy asked clenching his fists... Dakoda gulped and pulled out a gun shooting around making them duck in cover, but as Ash ran after Dakoda, Dakoda shot at him. Ash dodged the bullets and ran faster, his warpaint smearing a little and some of it getting into his eyes. It burned a little but he ran as fast as he knew he could.
"Think its fun to hurt people?" Ash called out as he ran, jumping over the obstacles Dakoda threw at him. Ash ran not giving up just yet until suddenly there was a bullet shot. All Ash felt was pain in his arm, but he kept going. "Never give in, Never give up." He shouted and grabbed Dakoda punching him in the face until he felt blood in his mouth. He broke Dakooda's nose when Ash heard Andy yell "Ash, He's had enough." Ash stared at Dakoda then got up leaving him there as he heard the distant sound of thunder "Touch that girl again..I swear to god there I will finish this and there wont be any one to hold me back...and that's not a threat...that's a promise."
This is a deviant's Promise
shadowsgirl102 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2012
Ash is sexy when violent! Guys be warned!
DragulasDragons Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2012
Ohh violent Ash... sexy~
this is really good~ :D
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